Jacqueline (wildmusings) wrote in game_abc,

Week V Results

My apologies for the delay, I fell promptly alseep after work last night. Thanks to everyone that participated by submitting and/or voting, but extra kudos to this week's winners:

First Place

// snm_queen

Second Place

// adrastea

Third Place

// adrastea

Note: There will be no Moderator's Choice this week due to the limited number of entries

Runner-Ups (view the icons here)
03, 05

Banners can be requested at custom_banners or cb_overflow. Cards can be claimed here at tcg_exchange for those that participate.

This week's letter is W, you have until Midnight EST on Saturday, October 23rd to submit your icon(s) at the screened post. It's the last letter needed to complete this alphabet set so make it count ;P
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