Jacqueline (wildmusings) wrote in game_abc,

Week Y Results

Thanks to everyone that participated by submitting and/or voting, but extra kudos to this week's Letter Y winners:

First Place

// shikumo

Second Place

// adrastea

Third Place

// rashiea

Moderator's Choice

// vai_rin

Reasons: Great integration of texture and imagery. The blood spaltters and rich colour scheme made a strong visual impact that suited the character's personality

Runner-Ups (view the icons here)
05, 08

Banners can be requested at custom_banners or cb_overflow. Cards can be claimed here at tcg_exchange for those that participate.

I apologize for promising a new theme and failing to deliver, these past few days have just been like that, but I will have one announced later on in the week to get us back on track :)


Also check out our new affiliate: icon_tournament, a Last Icon Maker Standing/Battle challenge for anime, manga and video game icons, where members compete using a chosen avatar. Sign-ups are still open here until the 26th, but there are only a few spots left!
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