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Community Icon Results

So we held a tiebreaker, lots of people voted and we ended up with a tie again LOL XD Thus since I don't feel comfortable breaking it with the first additional ballot after the deadline or delaying things any longer by extending the round, I'm taking it as fate that these icons were meant to share the limelight together.

I'll be adjusting the results (you'll see what I mean) and prizes to accomodate this: for the first six months of the year one of these entries will be the userinfo sample icon while the other will be posted along with submissions, then we'll switch half way. First winner to reply gets to state their order preference ;P

Thanks to everyone that participated by submitting and/or voting, especially twice... though I guess it was kind of a waste of time in the end >.> but extra kudos to this week's Community Icon winners:

First Place

// regis

// korenchkin

Second Place

// adrastea

// rashiea

Note: There will be no Third Place this week due to the amount of ties and no Moderator's Choice due to the limited number of entries

Runner-Ups (view the icons here)
01, 02, 03

Banners can be requested at custom_banners or cb_overflow. Cards can be claimed here at tcg_exchange for those that participate.

This week's letter is W, you have until 8:00 PM EST on Saturday, January 8th to submit your icon(s) at the screened post.

And a special pimp since they asked so nicely:

Banner 2
Sign-Ups / Rules
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