Jacqueline (wildmusings) wrote in game_abc,

Week J Voting

Yep, as expected, I fell asleep ;-; Anyway, we received 5 joyful icons for Week J, thanks to everyone that was able to submit! Please vote for your three favourite icons in order of preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd choice) and remember not to vote for yourself or break any other rules.

- 01 -

- 02 -

- 03 -

- 04 -

- 05 -

01. Magna Carta // J is for Juclecia
02. Tales of the Abyss // J is for Jade
03. Ar Tonelico II // J is for Jakuri (or Jacqli)
04. Tales of Vesperia // J is for Judith
05. Pokemon // J is for Jirachi

You have until 8:00 PM EST on Monday, March 21st (due to me running behind schedule) to cast your vote and no late votes will be accepted afterwards unless an official extension is announced, so please vote by then. A post will be made roughly twelve hours before this if we do not have enough votes, so please participate if you are able as every last vote does make a huge difference.

This week's challenge has already been posted here and is brought to you by the letter Z!
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