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Week J Results

Before we move on to the winners, a quick notice regarding future challenges: I'll be changing the submission deadline (back) to Friday nights at 10:00 PM EST. Reminders will be on Wednesdays, voting/new submission post will then go up later on Friday night (or early Saturday morning if I am busy aka fall asleep) and run until 10:00 AM EST Sunday morning with results being posted by Sunday night. The actual times are still subject to change.

This way it should be easier to ensure that the bulk part of this icontest runs on the weekend, when there are more members around able to vote, etc. Hopefully this doesn't negatively impact submissions, you technically still have the same amount of time, just that the weekend falls first so it may make it more difficult on my fellow last minute entrants. We'll see how it goes, only time will tell really.

In regards to the current challenge, to avoid any possible overlap while also not cut your entry time any shorter, the deadline will be pushed back into next week, then we'll continue from there. Now moving on...

Thanks to everyone that participated by submitting and/or voting but extra kudos to Week J's winners:

// yamachan01

// adrastea

// adrastea

There will be no Moderator's Choice this week due to the limited number of entries

RUNNER-UPS (view the icons here)

Banners can be requested at custom_banners or cb_overflow. Cards can be claimed here at tcg_exchange for those that participate.

This week's letter is Z, you have until 10:00 PM EST on Friday, April 1st to submit your icon(s) at the screened post.
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