November 29th, 2009

Week E1 Voting

Still only 4 icons, but I don't want to extend this for another week so =/ Results of J1 will be up soon! Please choose your favourite 2 in order (1st, 2nd) . Voting ends when I have at least 15 votes. Please remember not to vote for yourself:

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Week C2 Submissions

This week's letter is...


Please use the following format for submission. Include the icon, url, source (video game the icon came from), and how the challenge letter relates to your icon. You may submit up to two icons and your submission should look something like this:

Your Icon:
Icon URL:
The Legend of Zelda // L is for Link

Icons are due by Midnight on Friday, December 4th 2009. Results for week 1 will be up soon~~