December 6th, 2010

Axis Powers Hetalia

Holiday Icon Exchange Submissions

Attention everyone that signed up for this year's Holiday Icon Exchange: all participants names have been drawn (out of my Christmas stocking) and assigned to another member. Emails have since then been sent, so you should all have your recipeient's information by now... but let me know if you don't so I can either resend it or contact you by another means.

Now it's time to start making their gift! Here are the basic requirements and restrictions:

  1. Your icon must feature official imagery from at least one of their favourite Game titles. Creative Uncut and Giant Bomb are both great resources, Wikipedia is also your friend

  2. It must somehow relate to the first letter of their username. The usual methods (e.g characters, locations, objects and words starting with that letter) are all welcome, with the exception of only using the game title itself just because it happens to fit, since that would be a little unfair

  3. You are not allowed to have the person's username on the icon to prevent any potential added bias during voting

  4. Please only make one gift for your assigned recipient, rather than submitting multiple icons, just to keep things even and avoid any possible feelings of being leftout etc.

  5. Be creative and have fun! Remember this is a present, so it's really the thought that counts <3

Please use the following format for submission. Include the icon, url, recipient (member's username), source (video game the icon came from), and how the challenge letter relates to your icon. Your submission should look something like this:

Your Icon:
Icon URL:
Recipient: game_abc
The Legend of Zelda // G is for Green Hat

Icons are due by 11:59 PM (Midnight) EST on Saturday, December 25th. All the usual icontest and livejournal rules apply. Have any other questions, ask them here.

And remember that you still earn a set number of cards for TCG Exchange if you choose to participate there.
Axis Powers Hetalia

Week Q Results

Thanks to everyone that participated by submitting and/or voting, but extra kudos to this week's Letter Q winners:

Collapse )

Banners can be requested at custom_banners or cb_overflow. Cards can be claimed here at tcg_exchange for those that participate.

This week's letter is B, you have until 11:59 PM (Midnight) EST on Saturday, December 11th to submit your icon(s) at the screened post.

Also for all members that signed up for this year's Holiday Icon Exchange, be sure to turn your gift in over here by December 25th!